GPS Tracking and

Labor savings solution for small businesses.

Work Alert is a labor management tool used to track employees in the field, as well as show productivity and location in real-time, resulting in significant cost savings for small businesses.

Local Business, not overseas.

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A simple, yet effective platform to track field employees and provide remote time clocks.

This program is a quick, effective matrix for tracking employees, mileage, productivity and job efficiency.

Assign, unassign, remove and change jobs in real time.

Real date, instant results.

Simplify everyday business tasks.

Track employee time in jobs. Easily message employees and clients. Automatically track job and labor costs.


Simple to use - hardware free mobile app.

Set up your office in less than an hour.

Job Costing/Payment

One Stop Shop.

Simple time management, tracking, payment processing and messaging.

Work From Anywhere

Work From Anywhere

A signal is all you need to login.


Keep Every Dollar.

Increase production and lower wasted time.


Never lose an employee.

No lag gps tracking.


See Everyone All At Once.

Manage multiple businesses or locations on one site.

Simple, Not Extravagant

The founders of Work Alert have worked in and managed service based companies for over a decade.  They took some of the biggest challenges faced with field service workers and designed the perfect solution. Labor costs and time are extremely hard to manage when service workers are in the field. Several software options were explored, but none of them had the features to help with managing labor costs or real time tracking. A need was present to be extremely good at a few key items and put a system in place to get the perfect solution. Work Alert is dedicated to keeping time management  and labor tracking easy.

Letting no one's time be wasted.

Benefits Everyone

Office Staff.
The ability to change schedules and monitor employees quickly and efficiently boosts morale and allows time for other projects.
Freedom to live their day without being tied to home, waiting for a service provider. Real-time notifications when someone is on the way, starting and ending a job allow clients to go to the store, appointments, the gym or anywhere else they need to be.
Field Service Workers.
Allows company to pay top dollar for better employees and increase retention with the money saved.

The Cost is Everything.

Save every second with Work Alert.

20% of every dollar made is lost due to employees wasting work hours each week.(source CDC)

7% profit increase when employees are monitored every day.